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Read the stories below to find out the skills these top executives swear by and just about how they acquired these skills.

Throughout my career I have learned new skills that have kept me relevant in the market today. I cannot imagine how I would fit into my job if I stopped learning! For the job itself keeps changing, and if I have to manage a diverse team, I need to be in sync with their skills.

An academic degree only puts your foot in the door. It does not guarantee job performance or career success. In the end, it is what skills you bring to the table that matter to employers. If you are the only one who can solve a problem, then that's all that matters.

From initial years, I have learned by doing. My father taught me different life skills that we no longer teach to our children. It leaves them unprepared to roll up their sleeves and work! I strongly recommend learning as many skills as you can.


Learn by Doing

Accounts & Tally

Learn the process of keeping a track of your business transactions and understanding the flow of money, profit & loss and balance sheet.

Management & MIS

Delve into the art of management through either a General Management stream or through specific streams such as HR, Marketing, Finance, Construction, Real Estate, Project Management, Strategy, Consulting, etc.

Data Analytics

Data is the basis for making any informed decision in a company. With more and more companies relying on data, the demand for data analytics is sky rocketing.


Marketing is what makes other people get to know about your company. It is the overall design of customer engagement strategy and go-to-market strategy for a business.

Logistics & Operations

Whether you are working in an office that specializes in logistics or in any other office, handling the operations and logistics of the company are business critical skills required in employees.

Technology Implementation

From offline to online, most businesses are now migrating to digital methods that require staff proficient in technology implementation and management. The demand for such skills is very high.

Soft Skills

Learn communication / self-motivation / leadership / responsibility / teamwork / problem solving / decisiveness / ability to work under pressure & time management / flexibility / negotiation & conflict resolution.

Strategic Planning

What is the right product to trade or which business to start? Determining the right business strategy including financial forecasting are skills that can be the turning point in deciding your career.

Finance & MS Office

Learn how to raise and handle finance for the company. Making a business case and presenting to banks for funding can be the critical piece for success or failure of a project.

Legal & Compliances

With the ever increasing legal complexities in operating a business, it is important to understand the legal environment to support critical functions such as labour law, company law, real estate law, civil and criminal procedures.


What skills are required to start a new business? Should you become an entrepreneur or focus on better job prospects? Either way, an entrepreneur mindset is highly valued in the industry.


Recognized as one of the most difficult and most sought after skills in the world. Every business needs people who are trained and proficient in sales techniques and client handling.

Supply Chain

How stuff travels and reaches the end consumer is an inter-dependent chain of manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and end consumers - a process that requires skilled professionals.

People Management

A business or a brand is actually the people behind it. Working with a diverse team, whether large or small, requires a different skill set and training to get work done and to retain employees.


There are specific skills for exports and imports that require knowledge of regulations, international markets, local businesses, logistics and finance. Learn these skills here to make your mark in this domain.

Payroll & HR

Managing the payroll and HR activities are basic skills required in a business. Compliance to legal procedures and handling the salary and financial welfare of employees is critical to their retention.

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Skill Development

It is not the degrees you hold, but what you can do for the business that interests me.